Heidi Klum for Sharper Image

She may have achieved much mainstream success with the famous words, “You’re out!”, but when it comes to fashion and style herself, Heidi Klum is so very in! That’s why it makes perfect sense for her to be the new face (and body!) for the Sharper Image brand of luxury goods and technology. But, what a scandal! In her photo shoot for the brand Ms. Klum puts her background as a world class supermodel to exquisite use as she poses suggestively and sexily for the eager cameras. Beside her gorgeous photo is a caption that lasciviously asks the pointed question: “What makes Heidi Klum Sweat?”


But, it’s much more than a dirty double entendre. The bright lights and glittering glare of glowing camera beams are nothing new to Ms. Klum, one of the original models for whom the word ‘super’ had to be included in the title. High stress situations are nothing new for her, and yet she never manages to lose her cool. Even after making the transition from supermodel to reality celebrity superstar with the hit show Project Runway that ran for many years and inspired countless reality television spin-offs and knock-offs.

It was with this new development that Ms. Klum’s career took a different turn. She became no longer just a pretty face, rather she was now catapulted into the prying and scrutinizing view of the public eye. The details of her personal life were no longer matters that could be kept private. Instead, they were hot topics gossiped about around America and elsewhere in the world. They made the front page of tabloids everywhere. It was during this time that the deterioration of her marriage with British singing soul and R&B sensation, Seal, became exposed to the public.

Despite all this, Ms. Klum has handled the situation with grace and poise. In today’s world with the pain of divorce becoming more and more common, she is an inspiration for women everywhere who are experiencing the same set of circumstances with their own marriages. Unlike the case that unfortunately happens with so many women, Ms. Klum hasn’t allowed divorce to change her. So, to the question, “What makes Heidi Klum Sweat?”, it’s easy to see that Ms. Klum is being tongue and cheek about her recent personal misfortune. So, why not share a laugh with Ms. Klum and her new ad campaign for the Sharper Image brand and celebrate not only her relentless spirit, but your own as well!? Auf Wiedersehen!

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