Henry Goodfellas Hill’s Final Curtain Call

Henry Hill, a reformed mobster who became a police collaborator has passed on aged 69. He inspired a book that was later made into the blockbuster movie, “Goodfellas”. His long time partner and agent, Lisa Caserta said that Hill died due to years of smoking, alcohol use and drug abuse. He recently suffered a heart attack and she hinted that it was probably the major cause.
Hill, who passed away while hospitalized in Los Angeles, was immortalized in Martin Scorcese’s movie. His character was played by Ray Liotta in the 1990 movie. It was about his role as a police informer about mob activities and crime rings in 1980. After his testimonies, he was placed in the federal witness protection program. However, he was stripped off the privileges after a string of drug-related arrests. He once told the AP in an interview that he has been on about every drug imaginable.

 henri hill dead

Henry Hill was of Irish-Italian descent and became associated with the Lucchese crime mob from New York. The crime family was infamous for numerous heists in New York State. Hill himself was known to have participated in the John F Kennedy International Airport Heist. In this incident, US $ 6 million worth of cash and jewels were stolen.
Henry Hill’s life of crime was ended in 1980 when he was arrested. He collaborated with the police to avoid jail time by being a prosecution witness against his bosses. He was put into witness protection but dismissed in the early nineties because of his drug abuse charges. He became a well-known businessman, marketing various spaghetti sauces and running Wiseguys, an Italian restaurant.
Hill’s drug weaknesses have affected his life, culminating in death. He was a known chain smoker and had unsuccessfully tried quitting alcohol numerous times. He had blood circulation and breathing problems for a long time. It is said that he passed on peacefully surrounded by family. He leaves behind two children.

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