Here’s How Natalie Portman Is Looking After 5 Months Of Being Mom

Natalie Portman baby mama

 Photo credit:Alexandra Wyman/

Natalie Portman,known also as The Black Swan,is looking simply amazing after no more than 5 months when she gave birth to her son Aleph.

The ugly truth is that she has a ‘petite’ appearance and this is something in minus,everything else is more than great.

She wore an interesting red cardigan,having some skinny jeans and a normal make-up,this is how Audrey Hepburn described her.

The thing I love about Natalie is that she doesn’t usually apply her make-up beyond any limits,and this is definately something that should be taken in consider by any other celebrities from Hollywood.

Take care Natalie and some healthy baby boys for you!

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