Spring 2015 comes with the trendy theme presented by H&M. Structured Softness’ is the new hype of the upcoming season. The look for the spring style is brought out by the regular model of this Swedish label, Andreea Diaconu. This Romanian model poses for the comfort style of the season. The ultra-casual look presented by H&M, brings out the relaxed girl next door’ trend into the fashion systems around the world.


Hennes and Mauritz (H&M), the Swedish multinational label for clothing, brings everything for all ages and genders. Be it men, women, teenagers or children, this fashion brand has something to offer to everyone. As the company flaunts its spring trend for the year 2015, we are enthralled by the clothing range it has come out with. The Vogue cover model, Andreea Diaconu, has been modelling for H&M for a while now and has acquired the position of a regular model for the brand. While winter has come in full swing mode, this top model showcases exclusive draping for the upcoming spring season. H&M brings an incredible range of comfort clothing for you to go out and flaunt your fashionable side. Spring 2015 apparel and accessories presented by H&M has been truly justified with by Andreea Diaconu, making the look simple yet glamorous.


The spring 2015 trend is named structured softness’ for the reason that the clothing comprises of absolutely soft textures and soothing pastel shades. The apparel include trendy shirt dresses, light knits, miniskirts, overalls, jumpsuits, casual accessories and a lot more. The relaxing pastel shades make this range of spring wear really stylish. All the above mentioned clothing are brought out in structured shapes, thereby justifying the name structured softness’ given to the collection. The modelling of the same by Andreea Diaconu has added quite a piece of charm to it. She sets out in casual, comfortable attire with the normal everyday girl personality while modelling for the 2015 spring collection of H&M. With casually tied hair and loose yet structured silhouettes, Andreea walks the outdoors to make this collection even more desirable with her exquisiteness.

H&M has surely set a high bar for its competitive brands this spring season. The clothing made available by this label is a mix of soothing wear along with comfort. The colors and patterns are very pleasing and simple. Making use of the mesmerizing looks and structure of this Romanian model, H&M has truly made a grand entry in the spring wear market. What makes this collection immensely enviable yet attractive is its casual approach which is the new in’ these days. Moving away from high on luxury and less on comfort styling, this clothing range is an absolute delight for the fashionistas of today, who apparently demand for comfort outfits for their daily businesses. Spring 2015 has been made quite relieving with H&M’s collection to suit up the needs of an outgoing winter and an upcoming summer season and incorporating Andreea Diaconu to popularize this trend is indeed a great idea taken up by the brand.

Photo credit : H&M

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