Holly Madison And Pasquale Rotella To Be Parents

The former Playboy Playmate and “Girls Next Door” star, Holly Madison is on her path to motherhood. Currently 33 years old and three months pregnant, Madison states she’s feeling good with no morning sickness except a little nausea right before she performs during her burlesque show “Peepshow.”
Just a month before, Madison announced that she started the process to adopt a child because she desperately wants to become a mom and was looking into children from either South Korea or Africa. The main obstacle that has held Holly back is her busy schedule from the numerous events and shows that she performs in as well as not being able to perform with a pregnant belly poking out.

holly madison pregnant
Holly Madison is one of Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends but unfortunately for her, her dream to marry him and have his babies didn’t exactly sink too well with the Playboy Enterprises founder. After Hefner failed to share similar feelings for the blonde bombshell, six months later in October 2008, Holly called off their relationship due to his lack of commitment. Less than a year later she stated in an interview with “People” magazine that she was never going to date anyone ever again and that she didn’t need a man who was only going to hold her back from pursuing a successful career. She began dating the 38 year old party promoter Pasquale Rotella back in November 2011 and conceived the baby after only six months of knowing each other.
There are currently mixed feelings on this subject with many people congratulating the “Peepshow” star while others are waiting for the two to split and see him sending out the child support checks. Even with the criticism that some people are blasting at her, she’s still happy and isn’t going to let anything that anyone says get in her way. Becoming a mother has always been her dream and she’s finally able to live it.

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