Holly Madison Doggie Toys Collection Unveiled

Holly Madison’s collection of doggie products is soon going to be hitting stores after the promotion of her Lucky Pet Products at the SuperZoo convention in Las Vegas. The name of her collection comes from the fact that animals are lucky enough to be rescued and put into homes with loving owners. Holly Madison has been volunteering at the Las Vegas Animal Foundation for several years which drove her into trying to find a way to send a message to people that animals all across the world need a place to call home. Each item in the Lucky Pet Products collection is made with natural, eco-friendly materials including the dyes used in the items and all proceeds will be delivered straight to the hands of the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas.

The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas is currently the largest in the entire state of Nevada housing over 50,000 homeless, abused and neglected animals to be adopted into a new family. When the Animal Foundation first opened up in 1978, it was nothing more than a spay and neuter clinic but quickly offered adoption services not too long after. Since then, the amount of animals being kept at the shelter has grown dramatically on their eight acres of land.

holly madison dog toys

Madison is hoping to raise awareness of the need to find homes for animals by introducing her line of doggie products and consumers can choose from adorable apparel, woolies, leather and rope toys and many other items that anyone’s pet will love. Every product is tested for durability as well as strength by the animals at the shelter so they are guaranteed to be high quality and fun play toys for all dogs. Every animal needs a home and if you’re unable to donate to the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, purchasing the Holly Madison doggie toys from the Lucky Pet Products collection is the next best thing.

Photo credit : AceShowbiz

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