Hollywood Celebrities In Rehab

After the deaths of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston under alleged drug-related circumstances, the price of fame has come into sharp focus. These two songbirds passed on in the span of just a year and it came after Heath Ledger in 2008 and Michael Jackson in 2009. So who are some of the celebrities currently seeking professional help for drug abuse or other addictions?

32-year old Terminator 3 star, Nick Stahl is among the top 5 celebs in rehab. His wife had even filed a missing persons report with LAPD after he had gone missing. Another superstar who checked in after a scare is reality show actor, Tila Tequila. She had to go into rehab in March after almost dying of an overdose. Eric Dane, a doctor in his acting life, had to seek a real doctor’s help after getting addicted to pain killers.
Gerard Butler blames his addiction to prescription drugs on the exacting demands during the shooting of “300” over 6 years ago. A few weeks ago, the Scotsman decided to seek help for his problems. Demi Moore was affected by her break up from Ashton Kutcher and is now at private clinic for rehab.

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