How Best to Revise for Your Exams

Everyone dreads exam time, whether you are having them to get accepted into law school like my friend JD Dukes or facing your end of term exams at school, they are enjoyable periods of time where you need to work hard in order to show off your knowledge. Whilst the exams aren’t fun, neither is the revision that you need to do beforehand, the truth is however that if you want to get good grades and enhance your career, you need to revise hard to ensure you do your best in the exams. To help you revise in the best way possible here are some tips to help you out.


Don’t Put it Off


The last thing you can do when it comes to revision is to ignore it, it isn’t going to go away and the longer you put it off the pressure yo are going to give yourself as the exam date approaches. Work on a revision plan so that you can take on a little each day, this way you won’t overwhelm yourself with workload and you will be able to learn your information in smaller chunks. Procrastinating your revision is not going to help you one bit.


Using Notes Properly


Notes are vital to your revision, they are great technique to help you store bullets of information with ease and they prevent your from having to read through text books again and again. You need to be careful with note however, ensure that  you are not just rewriting text, keep them brief and succinct, don’t spend a lot of time making your notes look pretty, they need to be legible and of value and nothing more. Put notes all around your bedroom or house, you will attach the locations of the notes in your mind and this can help you to remember them during the exam.


Food and Drink


Having drinks and snacks on hand when revising can help wile the time away, they will give you an energy boost and drinking plenty of water can help you to stay focussed. Ensure that you just have small snacks with you, it isn’t necessary to have a meal with you, just some crisps or some sweets to keep you busy whilst you are revising.




Don’t give yourself an opportunity to procrastinate, ensure that you ahem planned everything that you are going to need before you even begin revising. Make a checklist for the things that you are going to need before you start this could be textbooks, food and drink, calculators, pens, pencils, paper, whatever you are going to need, get it ready in advance. If you don’t plan your equipment in advance then you will end up using it as an excuse to leave your revision and find something more interesting to do, very easily done when you are revising as everything else seems far more important during this time. Remember that exams are your opportunity to show off your knowledge and through your revision you can collect all that knowledge in your mind, ready for your exam.

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