How to Achieve a Timeless Menswear Prep Look

The preppy style is one of the most enduring looks there is. While many other styles seem to fall in and out of favor, the wardrobe staples that make up the classic prep look are timeless classics that always fit in. President John F. Kennedy once embodied the spirit of the preppy look, and served as a role model for men who wanted to embrace the style.

Today, celebrities like Tom Cruise and Ryan Reynolds are keeping the look alive for new generations of men. The preppy look is all about communicating wealth, style, and taste while remaining comfortable and laid-back. The preppy look is one that eschews ostentation, and yet is fashionable. It’s truly the menswear style that fits in anywhere, such as it’s appropriate for an entry-level job interview, but also the correct attire for nighttime cocktails.


Essential Types of Preppy Shirts

Polo shirts are a classic wardrobe staple. People automatically think of polo shirts when they think of preppy clothes for men to wear. Polo shirts have the advantage of being casually stylish and professional at the same time, which makes them extremely versatile. For the preppy dude, polos are a wardrobe staple.

What you wear up top is widely dependent on the weather. Navy blazers are perfect all-year for work and upscale leisure, but they’re not appropriate for leisure during the summer months as they’re long-sleeved. In the spring and summer, your prep style should include long-sleeve t-shirts, short-sleeve performance t-shirts, button-ups, and pocket t-shirts.

Essential Types of Preppy Bottoms

Chinos are the ideal preppy pant. Jeans are sadly too prosaic to truly work as preppy pants, although some preppy men may be able to pull them off from time to time. Chinos will work best in khaki and navy, although preppy men can experiment with them somewhat when it comes to color.

Seersucker shorts, paired with a nice belt and tucked in shirt, are ideal for warmer months. They embody the prep fashion, and are comfortable for any warm-weather activity; they’re not swim trunks, but it’s not bad form to wear them on a boat or at the beach if you’re not planning to swim. For casual occasions, the Huffington Post warns that seersuckers can come off too preppy, so “Mix-and-match colors and sizes of the seersucker stripes to add some dimension and edge.”

Essential Types of Preppy Accessories

Men who are committed to the preppy look must also commit to accessorizing the look. Casual ties can really help men complete the preppy look, since ties are generally associated with business events or similar occasions. Lots of preppy men also wear belts, but nothing too wild or flashy. In general, belts should be standard leather with a gold or silver buckle.

Today’s prep fashions are basically a blend of the East Coast’s traditional Ivy League style blended with the West Coast’s laid-back surfer style. Pair of understated sunglasses is a great way to tie the entire look together, and automatically establish yourself as someone who is preppy and fashionably in-the-know.

Men who embrace the prep style manage to make several positive fashion statements all at once, which is more than many men can say when it comes to the way that they dress. Preppy outfits stay in style forever, and men who embrace this look will have the satisfaction of knowing that their style is timeless. So, employ some of these strategies and start filling your closet with these prep style wardrobe staples.

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