How to Create a Memorable Hens Night in Melbourne

Your friend is getting married, and it is time to throw her a party! The first step is to find a source for hens night supplies in Melbourne — and then let the rest fall into place.

Whether your party is going to be naughty or nice (or maybe even a little of both), there are hens night supplies like boppers, willy straws, tiaras and games to make it great. One of the most critical supplies are the sassy hens night sashes. Of course you need a sash that let’s everyone know who the bride is, but why should she get all the attention? There are hens night sashes for every member of the party. Sashes with bling, subtle black sashes—there are sashes that will fit with any theme you have.


From a wild night out on the town or a quiet dinner with close friends, with the right hens night supplies, Melbourne will never forget your friend’s big night. After all, the men of Melbourne need to know she is off the market!

The most important thing about planning a hens party is to make sure the bride feels special. Need some ideas for how to do that? Here are three that work every time.

  1. Gather up some silver, gold or black pens and have the hottest guys in the bar sign the hen’s sash. She’ll feel beautiful as these handsome hunks tell how much they wish she were available. And sash will be a great souvenir of her hens night.
  2. Play games! The famous ‘how well do you know the bride’ game is always fun. Give everyone a list of questions about the bride—things like where did she and the groom meet, where was her first kiss, and other fun facts. Whoever gets the most questions right wins, and whoever gets the most wrong has to take the punishment of the bride’s choice. Another fun game is truth or dare (and a particularly fun dare is to kiss the cutest boy in the bar).
  3. Never her lift a finger all night. Bring her drinks and food, scout out the cute boys and deliver them to her. She’ll love the fuss.

Ready for some fun? BuckingHEN Palace has a wide collection of hens night supplies to make your Queen Hen’s party one to remember. Just look at their online catalog at for inspiration!

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