How to Get Your Nails Grow Faster

A long set of naturally healthy nails definitely looks beautiful and attractive.Nails are made of keratin. However, once broken so they cannot repair themselves as they are dead tissues. Then the question that arises is, how to do they grow? In reality, they don’t, new cells get developed under the cuticles and push out the dead and old ones. This gives rise to the hard flat surface that girls love to polish, pamper and flaunt. Here are some tips on how to get your nails grow faster.


Vitamin D remains in human body for some days (fat soluble vitamin) and it can be found in sunlight and some particular fats. Its function is to help the small intestine in breaking down of calcium which increases the effectiveness of it. The calcium obtained, helps in growth of faster and healthier nails.

Calcium gets absorbed properly into the skin. Since keratin consists of 67% water, so it can absorb the water out of the milk, to increase the strength and growth of nails. Therefore, it is suggested to soak the hands in milk to achieve good outcomes.

People who have a habit of biting nails, should immediately stop as it is not good for the health and also the saliva in human mouth infects the nails quite fast, which weakens the base of the nail, this in turn prevents it from acquiring a proper hold in the finger. Next, the sides of the nail should be trimmed too much as it is said that this also weakens the nail and it has possibilities of developing cracks very often. Some nail polishes offer properties that might help in strengthening the nails, these can definitely be used by the female-folk.

Last but not the least, eating a healthy and nutritious diet always has positive impact on faster growth of nails.

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