How To Have A Beautiful Wedding With Friends

If you have recently become engaged, you may only have had a couple of conversations about the wedding so far. You and your spouse-to-be have a lot of decisions to make, and ideas and reality can often be in conflict with each other. Budget constraints are the biggest problem, but you may find that you and your partner have very different ideas about how the big day may go. You need to sit down together to make the decisions as a team rather than opposing forces. You may both need to make a few compromises on the way.


Even if you have a celebrity sized budget, you don’t need to go all out. There are many examples of celebrity couples who didn’t go for the big celebrity wedding we have become so familiar with through the press. Keeping things simple and intimate, like selecting your own wedding invitations, can keep a lot of stress and a lot of cost out of your big day. Shop together when you can. If you want to keep the dress a secret from your husband-to-be, then find some time to go with your Mom and a couple of friends instead.

Sometimes family and friends are happy to help out. They can take on some of the decorating, or make a wedding gift out of the wedding venue booking or even your shoes for the day. Even if you are having a very small and intimate wedding, you can probably find plenty of help, even from those you haven’t invited. You may have a friend who would love a chance to design or even make your wedding dress for you. Someone else may be keen to bake your wedding cake on your behalf.

When your big day finally arrives you may feel nervous, but don’t worry. Your wedding will all happen as it should. There will be so many people there to help it go smoothly. All you need to do is turn up at the right time! If your nerves are starting to show and you are worried how that looks then take a quick break to compose yourself. Sip some cold water and take some deep breaths. Weddings are very big events no matter how small your party, so you are quite likely to feel nervous and excited.

Managing things on your day shouldn’t be necessary if you have both planned the wedding well. Let your best man and maid of honor do all the running around if things aren’t quite going to plan. All you need to worry about is enjoying yourself on your big day. The venue owner should be the one to ensure the day runs in the right order and that everyone is where they need to be. Spend some time on the day speaking to all your guests, whether there are hundreds or just one or two. Take the time to enjoy being with your new husband, and give the photographer a chance to get the photos he is after.

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