How to Wear 2013’s Top Three Hollywood Jewelry Trends

The only things brighter than the flash from paparazzi cameras in 2013 were the jewels on the starlets the cameras were snapping. Hollywood ladies set a shining example of how to wear glamorous jewelry in 2013. There was no shortage of eye-catching earrings, diva-worthy diamonds, and shock-worthy chokers. Are you looking for ways to bring some shine into your wardrobe? You can gain many pearls of wisdom regarding how to wear designer jewelry from your favorite Hollywood role models. There are three subtlety sultry looks that recently took Hollywood by storm. Here are tips for how you should successfully wear the three biggest jewelry trends of 2013.

How to Wear 2013’s Top Three Hollywood Jewelry Trends

Tip 1: Swing from the Chandelier
Chandelier earrings were a popular choice for celebrities in 2013. Jennifer Aniston showed up to the 2013 Academy Awards in an illuminating pair of diamond chandelier earrings. Heidi Klum’s chandelier earrings looked like they held enough voltage to light up all of Los Angeles when she showed up at the red carpet of the 2013 Creative Arts Emmy Awards. A pair of chandelier earrings can really draw attention to your face and set off a sparkle in your eyes. Both celebrities opted to wear their hair down when accessorizing with large chandelier earrings. This is a wise choice since wearing your hair pulled back might look too severe with such a dramatic pair of earrings. This style of earrings is a wonderful choice for office parties, weddings, and special nights out. You can pair the earrings with a matte fabric and a pale lip in order to avoid your outfit and makeup competing with your accessories. It is also a smart idea to part your hair to one side so that you provide a peek of your earrings.

Tip 2: Place Your Bets on the Bib
You couldn’t glance at the red carpet in 2013 without being spoon-fed a healthy dose of bib necklaces. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Garner chose to garnish their necks with a glamorous bib necklace this year. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. The good news is that a bib necklace is a wonderful way for you to put a polished spin on any of your outfits. You should view a bib necklace like a removable collar that can dress up a casual shirt or simple dress. Bibs with turquoise stones, coral stones, or gold-toned pearls are perfect options for the office. Bibs with fringes and rhinestones will transform any simple black dress into an ensemble worthy of the red carpet.

Tip 3: Arrest Attention in Cuff Earrings
Jennifer Lawrence is responsible for the trend of cuff earrings catching fire in 2013. The actress showed up on the red carpet at the Paris premiere of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” wearing a hip and glamorous stone-encrusted cuff earring. This set off a firestorm of curiosity from women all over the world. Everybody wants to know the proper way to wear cuff earrings. There are actually two ways that cuff earrings can be worn. You can wear a set of matching cuffs or a single cuff. A cuff that is dripping in rhinestones is the perfect way to accomplish a look that is genuinely sophisticated and supremely edgy.

Try Out 2013’s Top Three Trends
You’re officially ready to join the ranks of Hollywood’s fashionable leading ladies. Following the tips above will help you look right when you try to shine bright. You should only focus on pulling off one of these looks at a time. Any attempt to combine these powerful trends could leave you looking like you’ve tried too hard. Go ahead and declare your elegance and edginess by confidently trying these hot new trends.

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