Hugh Jackman Attacked By Stalker

Hugh Jackman was working out at the gym when a 47 year old woman approached him. She was going berserk, crying and shouting about how much she loved the star. Kathleen Thurston aged 47, carefully missed the desk of the gym and made a bee-line for Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman was spotted last Wednesday in the New York gym. Jackman survived his stalker experience and Thurston was stopped by a gym employee. Thurston then took a razor from her waistband that was covered in her own hair. The gym employee stepped between them and the razor fell on the floor. Hugh Jackman was mainly concerned about his family and that they were safe.

Hugh Jackson asked the woman not to touch him, said a NYPD spokesman, Sgt Ton Antonelli. Security soon arrived on the scene and the woman left. She was arrested on charges of stalking Hugh Jackson. Jackson told correspondent, Carol D’Auria that the woman obviously needs help and that he hopes she gets it. Hugh Jackson was shaken up and in shock by the whole experience.

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