I Don’t Want To ‘See You Again’, Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan arrived in court today, 29th March 2012 for her final hearing and progress report of her probation. Lohan has been facing a possible jail sentence for nearly two years filled with several court appearances and hearings.
The 25-year-old American actress, pop music star and model arrived in an outfit that couldn’t have been anymore dissimilar to her neck-turning dress code in February of last year. Instead of a bust exposing, low-cut top and high-waist pants, she had on a sky blue formal suit. She also wore a slight smile as she strode confidently to face Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner.
Since her star began to rise in the late nineties with several superb showings in films like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan has not had such a fairytale career. She has had a checkered disciplinary record with frequent run-ins with the law.
Lohan’s well documented problems began in 2007 with a quick succession of DUI arrests. She was on May 26th, 2007 by police and cocaine found in her vehicle. She subsequently had a 45-day stint in a rehab facility. In July of the same year, she was arrested once again for the same offence and in possession of cocaine. These initial cases dragged her through a series of drug-related probation sentences until 2010.
In 2011, Lindsay’s legal problems transformed to a felony grand theft charge. She had been accused of stealing a $ 2500 necklace at a jewelry store. This case is what first acquainted her with Judge Sautner. Although the judge ultimately attempted to impose a custodial sentence when Lohan violated initial probation terms, the actress survived due to jail overcrowding.
Today, she appeared to find out the outcome of her initial 2007 cases. And the relief on Lindsay Lohan’s face was evident as the judge declared her probation over. “She has done everything asked of her”, said Judge Sautner, referring to her janitorial duties at the LA morgue. She concluded with “I don’t expect to see you again.”
But we are sure the judge wouldn’t mind seeing Lindsay starring on screen.

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