Iggy Azalea Shines in Bonds100 Campaign

Fans of Iggy Azalea will love the new spokeswoman for the Australian brand, Bond. Iggy Azalea Bonds100 Campaign features the rapper adorning multiple bras and briefs in their newest ads. Azalea is well-known for her curves and this ad won’t disappoint for those who are already big fans of her. The brand is celebrating their 100th birthday and has decided to launch their campaign with the Australian rapper.


In one photo, Iggy sports a simple white bra bordered with the brand’s label. The rapper recently admitted to getting a boob job and the bra helps show off her healthy cleavage. Paired with the white bra are some floral bikini bottoms. She faces forward staring seductively into the camera.

In the next photo, you can see Iggy with her more edgy style. The rapper is dressed in a black bra and brief with a floral pattern all over it. Her lips are painted bright pink and her hair curled loosely. To help accommodate her edgy look, the tips of her hair are shaded pink and her tattoo is blatantly obvious.

For the third look, the singer dresses in a black one piece featuring the brand’s big 100 year accomplishment. Her hair is slicked back and her lipstick a little darker for this shot.

During the photo shoot, the rapper admitted not feeling comfortable with her body. Once she was able to take a look at the photos, she realized they had actually turned out great. She contributes her feelings to how most women feel about their body. As the shoot goes on, she becomes more comfortable with her look and the photos.

The singer is just one celebrity who is lending their support to the Aussie brand. Other Aussie natives, Ruby Rose, Rachael Taylor, Kelly Gale, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Hart are also showing support for the brand. Iggy will also appear in a Down Under Tour for the brand starting in August.

Photo credit : FashionGoneRogue

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