Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is featured on the cover of this month’s Elle Canada. The cover story includes reflections on her 2015, from social media blunders and comments regarding her venture into hip hop to her plastic surgery decisions. She makes no qualms about being an Australian white female rapper, stating that she has been a fan of rap music since age 13 and that after giving it a go on her own, around age 20 she found her style.


She also looks forward to the next era of her career with her next album “Digital Distortion” and her future marriage to professional basketball player Nick Young. While rap is a genre that is male-dominated and still largely associated with black culture, it appears that Azalea is sure of where she fits in, knowing who she is and what she wants to say.

Fusing her rhymes with pop sounds has helped her garner attention and a number of hits, but in this article, Azalea seems to understand the politics in the hip hop community and race issues in America, but chooses instead to focus on her love for the genre and what inspires her to create success.

Photo credit : Elle

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