Inna,more famous than Lady Gaga?

Inna,the romanian singer has overcame even Lady Gaga.Sources say that she is number 1 in Billboard HOT Dance Airplay.

It’s no wonder she is so famous,her beauty,her talent runs into the people’s hearts.Here’s the proof for the nonbelievers!Let’s face it!Lady gaga it’s more known for the clothes part,right?People are triing to look like her concerning this matter.

Ok,let’s get back to Inna!She became famous with her song "Hot".Now she launched a new song called "10 minutes" hoping to make also a hit out of it!


Inna, a fresh name responsible for great music since the end of last year!
Alexandra, using the surname Inna , is a 22 years old singer from Neptun (Black Sea Coast – Romania) who vows that music is her strongest passion!
Advised by her family who recognized her talent at an early age, Inna began to sing and has been taking canto lessons for 8 years, but wish to broaden her knowledge and decided to explore the world of numbers, graduated from the Economical high-school in Constanta and the Political Sciences College.
Inna’s first single “HOT” has been produced by the three talented guys from Play & Win (Radu Bolfea, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan – hold on to these names, you will remember them soon!). By now, it’s common knowledge that the single has registered great success, the rating measurement system developed by Nielsen Media Research shows that “HOT” is the most broadcasted musical product as we speak, being supported by radio stations and also music televisions.

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