Irina Shayk sets a new personal milestone with Twin-Set Handbags Fall 2014 Collection

Irina Shayk enters the fray with a different yet a bold look that is jaw dropping to say the least with Simona Barbieri’s Twin-Set Handbags Fall 2014 Collection ADS. The look is definitely a unique one considering the fact that the glamorous Russian is usually known for the sizzling and flashy lingerie shoots that have propelled her fashion career to lofty heights.


Portuguese heartthrob, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend returns to the glaze paper with Twin-Set Fall-Winter collection this year which is quite a unique and different look from her previous undertaking where she flaunted in a swimwear.

The Italian fashion maestro has gone for the Russian supermodel boasting the flamboyant appurtenance of the winter collection after a successful campaign for the brand’s sizzling successful lingerie collection.

In what is a very unique look, Irina Shayk has done one better than her previous look which means that the stunning and ravishing supermodel from the cold Russia is no more just a model who would ply her trade posing for sizzling lingerie brands. It might be a step in unchartered waters for the beautiful Irina but one thing is for sure, Twin-Set Handbags Fall 2014 Collection would not have looked so glamorous had the brand given the modeling assignment to someone else.

In what is a match made in heaven, Irina and ‘s Twin-Set Handbags Fall 2014 Collection have struck the perfect cords.

Shayk was immortalized through the lens by Andoni & Arantxa, the Italian agency. Andoni & Arantxa also captured the brand’s sizzling lingerie collection modeled by Shayk earlier this season.

The Italian brand has gained success in women wear over the years thanks to the creative styling by Simona Barbieri and Tiziano Sgarbi’s professional acumen that brought it the international fame. Now headquartered in Montreal the brand is representation of women in premium styling

Photo credit : Twin-Set F/W 2014

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