Is a Berserk Live Action Coming to Beat Netflix’s One Piece Series? We Have an Answer

Berserk is one of the few anime that manages the theme of being dark and mature well, it explores the feeling of loss, revenge and redemption. With a complex and engaging story, the narrative gives depth to a character and their motivations.While this anime might not be for everyone, it has managed to gather quite the fan base which stays loyal to the series.

Guts, the Lead Protagonist In Berserk

Is Netflix Making A Berserk Live Action

Back in 2021, fans were left debating on the internet if their beloved series is getting a live-action remake after an artist shared one of his artwork on his Instagram handle. The post included a date and the Netflix logo, a streaming platform which specialises in making live-action series and films as well as documentaries.

Fan Poster Shared By @gutscg on Instagram.

The artist wrote in the description that he had to take special permission first to finally be able to share the artwork, and how there is going to be a short Berserk film released in the Autumn of 2021, sadly, this was not true at all as the poster himself mentions in the end of the caption, “This is a joke.”

Past Adaptations Of Berserk

If the live action was to happen in reality, it still would not have been the first-ever adaptation of the series. In fact, there have been several animated releases to date that you can opt to watch instead.

The first one is Berserk, 1997. This anime was produced by Oriental Light and Magic and was directed by Naohito Takahashi. This anime covered the Golden Age arc of the manga and was praised for its animation, music, and story. It is considered by many fans to be one of the best anime adaptations of all time.

A Shot From The Original 1997 Berserk Anime

The next anime adaptation aired from 2012 to 2013. The Berserk: The Golden Age Arc was produced by Studio GAGA. It was released in three parts, each of which covered a different story arc from the Golden Age arc of the manga. The trilogy was loved for its animation and action sequences but was also criticized for its pacing and some of the changes it made to the source material.

Poster for the second release in the Berserk Trilogy, 2012

The latest adaptation to happen was in 2016 with Berserk, produced by Liden Films, which covered the Conviction arc of the manga. The anime was criticized for its poor animation, inconsistent art style, and rushed pacing.

Is the Manga Making an On-screen Return?

Right as of now, there is no indication if the Berserk series is going to make a return. The post by the artist had sparked an interest in the fans, making them eager to see an adaptation done right.

Author Of Berserk Manga

The death of the author of the series, Kentaro Miura, left fans hanging and wanting more. With many demanding a proper adaptation of the series one last time as a tribute to the late author, we are uncertain if it will be happening anytime soon. But it will not be giving any hard time to the soon-releasing, One Piece Live Action.

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