Is Bobbi Kristina Dating Her Brother?


Has the daughter of the late famous singer Whitney Houston been engaging in a romantic relationship with her brother? According to recent reports, it would seem so, although there is much speculation involved.
Unofficially adopted when he was 12 years old by Houston, Nick Gordon has been enjoying a brother-sister relationship with Bobbi Kristina. That was until a few weeks ago, during the untimely death of the singing icon.
According to celebrity news watchdogs at TMZ, Kristina has told her close friends that she and Gordon are now a couple. Gordon, however, has rejected these claims, stating that they are only good friends and have only been comforting each other in their times of need during the weeks following Houston’s death.
Kristina has made other headlines recently as well, especially after being named as the sole heir to her mother’s large estate, which is also riddled with debt and loans to pay.

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