Is Gerard Butler Still in Rehab?

gerard butler rehab situation

The muscular star of movies like “300”, Gerard Butler has become a star playing physical roles in movies. Alas, rumors of substance abuse have followed him during his rise from also ran to major star in Hollywood. Those rumors were proven correct three weeks ago when Butler checked into the Betty Ford Clinic for help with is substance abuse problems.

Butler is reported to have developed a pain medication dependency. The dependency is reported to have started in 2006 when he was injured during the filming of “300” and used pain meds to complete the film. When the shooting of the film ended, the taking of pills apparently did not which led to the current Gerard Butler rehab situation.

There is some question about whether pain medication is the sole substance at issue in this case. There have also been rumors and a few reports that Butler is having issues with cocaine use. Neither he nor his publicist has verified this allegation, but his admission of past addiction problems with alcohol are worrisome.

What is clear is Gerard Butler has now concluded his treatment effort. After three weeks at the Betty Ford Clinic, he checked out of the facility on February 24, 2012 and returned home.

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