Is Miley Cyrus Dating Nick Jonas Again?

Miley Cyrus has been dating her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, happily for quite some time now. However, fans have spotted her with her ex Nick Jonas recently. Nick Jonas was her first ever love. The two separated in 2007 and have never forgotten each other, in fact, they have found it difficult to stay apart.

altMiley and Nick are very sweet, despite their rows. Nick Jonas wrote the song called “Wedding Bells”, all about an ex that could have been his love, but is marrying someone else. People question who this song is about, but it’s pretty obvious to fans, that it’s about Miley.

Fans spotted Miley and Nick at Patys Restaurant in Toulca Lake on Monday, they looked pretty close. Whilst this could have been a friendly meeting, it left fans wondering whether it could have been something more. After all, she chose Nick of all people! Or was it the other way around? Did Nick choose Miley?

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