Isabeli Fontana Endorses Stefanel

The Italian brand, stefanel has 368 stores across the world and specialises in luxury knitwear for women. Their brand gives the impression of high quality products with innovative fashionable designs, mostly in warm, outdoor apparel. At over $100 for one skirt, their products are towards the high end of the price scale, which is why a high profile model is needed to advertise their clothes. They have recently released their winter collection and have enlisted the help of top Brazilian model, Isabeli Fontana to promote their campaign.

stefanel fall 2014

Their latest campaign has seen the model, who has Italian origins, in various luxury and warm knitwear for the upcoming cold weather. The beautiful model looks truly stunning in all of stefanels latest cable knits as she casually poses for the camera, advertising the clothes.

The brand is set to release a “knitwear journal” that promises to be full to the brim of the latest knitted, warm, winter jumpers. The model is at the forefront of the journal in an advertising campaign that is set to bring huge publicity to the brand because they have such an iconic, attractive specimen, such as Isabeli Stefani, endorsing their latest trends and fashions.

The brands image is that of quality. They need a powerful, tall, beautiful and famous model to give off the right image. A less famous model, with less striking features and looks would not give off the image as high quality. Stefanel really strives to create the newest and best trends around and for the prices they charge, they really need to.

Isabeli Stefani has many adoring fans, which will all be drawn to the brand because of her presence on advertising campaigns. Stefanels latest campaign is set to give off a brand image of high quality and also introduce more and more people to the brand. Furthermore, it is set to prove that even in winter and the colder months, true beauty can still be achieved, as demonstrated by Isabeli Fontana.

Photo credit : Stefanel

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