Winter is here and Isabeli Fontana for Riachuelo Ads sets the mood for the season. A top global model, Sabeli is the official face for the Brazilian apparel store. Whoever made the choice for her had something in mind as she does not disappoint as she poses for the camera. Nicole Heiniger is the photographer for the day and the perfect and befitting shots is a precise summary of his long resume in this niche.


The high-waist pants and in some short skirts can never be worn better than she does. She adds on varied leather jackets from plain black to checked theme. To crown it all for the modern lady going out in winter she throws on her shoulder a relative large bag with the prominent cat from Lagerfeld. It is a top-end collection and every lady would be on her heels to grab part of it if not the entire ensemble. That is yours truly, Sabeli Fontana doing what she does best.

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