It is all trendy in Calvin Klein Pre Fall 2016

Print is not what you expect in Francisco Costa’s Calvin Klein. But when it happens, you will love the details in the finished pieces. There was a surprise inclusion of floral in the 2016 spring and it became unexpectedly popular. Calvin Klein Pre Fall 2016 has stuck with the same floral idea and it will impress every trendy fashion lover.


The details in Calvin Klein’s pre fall 2016 collection

The glossy leather trench has a blurry animal print which is a perfect match for the dress that you can say is an away-from-the-body type. The dress has less of the print pattern and you will not complain about the blending effect.


Costa has done it by cutting down the everyday exaggeration that is with every brand line. The trenches are ultra-weight light making them versatile with any ensemble whether casual or classic. You will not help but notice the earthy palette which was made famous earlier this year by Barbara Hepworth. The impression is in the details and Calvin Klein has done it once more.

Photo credit : Thomas Giddings / Calvin Klein

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