James Cameron : The Deepest Trend

James Cameron

On Monday 26th of March, 2011, Kenya on the East coast of Africa was a country filled with huge excitement. Deep down in the belly of the earth, something was cooking. A Twitter hashtag trend declared the good news that Kenya had just struck oil. But this was not the only major breaking news. Just as deep below the surface, of the sea this time, thousands of miles away, bigger news were breaking.

This was the top Twitter trend all day. James Cameroon, the producer of great movies such as The Titanic and Avatar had accomplished a dive to the deepest sea point known to man.
James Cameron ocean’s Mariana Trench dive was a great achievement because it is the first time in over fifty years. This time, he did it, all the while filming it himself in 3D. Cameron conceded that in those depths, there wasn’t a lot to be seen. But he has opened up possibilities greater than he can imagine.

Photo credit : DcNews.ro

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