James Holzier is a star on the rise

James Holzier

On the Verge: James Holzier

Soulful actor creating a stir. Any fan boy or girl who knows James Holzier’s talent, growing popularity, the positive buzz about him on celebrity blogs, and entertainmen sites across the globe, can piece together the obvious. He is a star on the rise. Now it’s becoming a reality with upcoming projects, and we’re excited at that fact. 

Fandango.com has called James Holzier one of the most popular male celebrities emerging. Posh UK, voted him one of the hottest rising stars. Hollywood TV had the paparazzi footage of him leaving his hotel room; and legions of sexes are searching all over the net for him.

“I am just going to be who I am, and do what I believe in. No matter what, give my 100% and of course.. anything that comes I am forever grateful, ” he has stated. This soulful actor is different than most young actors.
Young actors who are known for giving less than quality performances seem to appear all over this year’s Razzies. These awards are handed out before the annual Academy Awards, and are given for the worst performances and pictures of the year. (Twilight holds the most). And where most seem to be wrapped up in a plastic culture, Holzier is not. He comes from an uplifting background and appears to be a quality individual.
Humble and like-ability are part of Holzier’s charm and that jumps off the page of every interview. Look forward to anything this talented actor does. A bright future is definitely in store.


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