James Toth Arrested For Drink Driving Charges

Reese Witherspoon is facing charges due to disorderly conduct. She was arrested early on Friday morning, for a short amount of time, in Atlanta. She refused to behave in an orderly fashion when police arrested her husband, for drink driving.

Reese Witherspoon arrest

Reese Witherspoon admitted in a statement that she was extremely embarrassed about the whole episode and had obviously drank far too much. She should not have allowed her husband to drive in the drunken condition that he was in. Despite admitting drinking too much, the fact is, that James Toth got behind the wheel intoxicated and could have killed someone.

Toth was swerving about in the lane and unable to maintain it. It was obvious to police that he shouldn’t have been driving so they pulled him over and breathalyzed him. Witherspoon would not remain in the vehicle whilst the police tested Toth for sobriety. The results showed that Toth was well over the legal limit for driving.

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