“She’s looking a little nasty”: Oscar Winner Jamie Lee Curtis a Major One Piece Fan, Wants to Play This Iconic Character

Winner of an Oscar and two Golden Globe awards, Jamie Lee Curtis showed her interest in becoming a part of the upcoming One Piece live-action in February this year. Her daughter has even made a guest appearance on The One Piece Podcast where she revealed how her mother is “100% up for the role” of this particular character in the upcoming one piece live-action production, explaining further by saying her mom is a big fan and how she would be perfect for the role.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis

What Is The Role And Why Is Jamie Lee Curtis Perfect For It

During a red carpet interview at the 94th Academy Awards, she was asked if given the chance, which One Piece character would she like to play, to which Curtis replied that she would love to play Nico Robin, but is probably too old for the role and instead how she would be interested in playing Dr. Kureha, who is a 140-year-old doctor and a mentor and mother to Tony Tony Chopper, the cute little doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Jamie Lee Curtis As Dr. Kureha
Jamie Lee Curtis is Interested In Playing Dr. Kureha

Nami’s actress Emily Rudd seems to wish the same and would love it if Curtis is able to join the cast, as conveyed through her Instagram stories.

However, even when the already existing live-action cast and many fans want Curtis to play Dr. Kureha, it is still uncertain if Netflix has any plans to cast her to do the same. It is still exciting to see her interest in the role which is certainly encouraging and promising enough for the fans.

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Casting Of Famous People In Anime In The Past

It is not only Jamie Lee Curtis who is a famous star that loves anime, in fact, many renowned actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Daniel Radcliffe have revealed on occasion how they are big fans of this form of content. It is also not the first that an actor has managed to appear in a live-action adaptation of their favorite anime or manga series.

Keanu Reeves Alita Battle Angel
Keanu Reeves, Who Voice Acted In Alita: Battle Angel

A few such incidents include the appearance of Keanu Reeves who appeared as a voice actor in the 2017 film Alita: Battle Angel. Reeves was a big fan of the Alita: Battle Angel manga, and was excited to be a part of the film. His appearance in the film apparently was a major benefit for the production, as it helped to raise the film’s popularity.

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