Janet Jackson in Health Magazine December 2010

janet jackson health magazine

Janet Jackson is on the cover for December 2010 of Health Magazine.Wow!She sure looks healthy there!

It’s true that every woman should feel confortable in her own skin,this is a wise word.

On having her body criticized as a kid:  “When I did Good Times, they used to bind my chest because I was developing breasts at a young age… It immediately makes you think, ‘The way I am isn’t good enough.’ They thought I was too heavy and that I needed to lose weight. When I look back at the show, I was your average-size kid.”

On choosing between acting and singing:  “I have more of a passion for acting than I do singing, because singing comes so much easier to me. Acting is more of a challenge. I always say to people, ‘I’m really in the wrong business because I don’t like being in front of huge crowds, and I don’t like it when a lot of people are
looking at me.’”

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