Japanese Beauty Guru Chizu Saeki’s 5 Tips for Perfect Skin

73-year-old Chizu Saeki, the beauty guru from Japan became famous thanks to her method of skin hydration called “lotion-mask”. In short, Chizu suggested that women not just wipe the face with a lotion, but apply it as a mask tool, allowing to get the best out of this cosmetic product. We do not doubt its effectiveness, as the internet is loaded with positive reviews on the method. Here some skin care tip from the Japanese guru.


Meet your face

The first step to a beautiful skin is getting familiar with your face. There are three main ways to check out your face: seeing, touching, and asking. Do this on a daily basis. First, study your face in the mirror for sagging and warping. If you, for example, noticed that your right eye area is lower than the left one, it means that the right side of the face sags. Make the “tired” muscles fit. Everything is simple: chew on the tired side. Remember that symmetry is one of the main components of beauty.

Make the mirror your ally

Do not pay too much attention to the beauties of glossy magazines, and it is better to pay more attention to your reflection in the mirror. Remember that a beautiful woman who knows her advantages and is in harmony with herself. Everyone has features and characteristics that we do not really like about us. But, who knows, maybe what you consider a disadvantage, others see as an accomplishment. Do not worry about each and every speck or wrinkle, because they form your identity.

Get rid of excess cosmetics

Start a thorough audit of the shelf with your cosmetics and leave those products that are really suitable for your skin. Remember that the cost of cosmetic products is rarely related to its efficacy. The simplest lotion or facial scrub can be twice as effective as the expensive branded products if you learn how to use it properly. If we talk about a must have, your cosmetics range should include: means for removing make-up; facial scrub; lotion with a minimum alcohol content (depending on your skin, it can be moisturizing or brightening; serum, cream for the skin around the eyes; emulsion or face cream, according to your age, as well as sunscreen products.

Before buying any cosmetic product, think about what exactly you need it for, and use it wisely, putting the soul in every move.

Be your own cosmetologist

You can take care of yourself better than any professional cosmetician – you just learn how to do it right. Unleash your hands. Move the hands and fingers actively. If you warm up the cosmetic product in your hands, it will be better penetrated into the skin and its effectiveness will be doubled. Clutch your hands to the face, and you will make the cosmetics and the warmth of your body work together, which will make the skin smoother.

Once you learn how to achieve the ideal state of your skin in a natural way, you realize that you do not need all these expensive cosmetic procedures.

Make your skin a “fasting day”

Let your skin have a rest at least once a week, abandoning all cosmetics: both decorative and care products. This is like a hunger strike for the skin; its essence is to enhance the skin’s natural ability to recovery.

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