Jenna Jameson Is Arrested For Battery

Jenna Jameson was arrested whilst she was on her way to her pre-birthday bash and charged with battery. The former porn star was arrested in California, on Saturday night. She was making her way to her party, when the fight broke out. Her victim managed to restrain her, putting her in a citizen’s arrest, before the police arrived on the scene.

jenna jameson

The police arrested Jenna Jameson for battery, but shortly afterwards released her. The clash occurred hours before Jameson was supposed to turn up for a pre-birthday bash at the Heat Ultra Lounge. The actress was celebrating her 39th birthday which wasn’t until the following Tuesday.

Jenna Jameson has been arrested before for drink driving offences. The incident happened at 8pm and the retired actress sustained minor injuries, but she refused treatment. Jameson is a proud mother to twins and married to Tito Ortiz. She takes her role as a mother very seriously despite the bad press she has received.

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