Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer may have called it quits

A new controversy is haunting us Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer may have called it quits!!

That’s the new rumor we all hearing. Someone in their antourage says that the pair’s on and relationship may have ended when Aniston returned from overseas, where she was promoting Marley & Me in with she started among well known actor Owen Wilson who played in many box-office hits. She returned sometime within the last week.

The source said that Jhon Mayer broke up with her when she got back from the European tour.

Aniston’s rep did not immediately comment. Mayer’s rep declined to comment on the singer’s personal life.

And what are their friends’ saying?

One pal warns that we shouldn’t be quick to assume the two are through for good. As we know, this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve gone their separate ways.

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