Jennifer Aniston: Denim Inspiration

Hollywood golden couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux seem to be so happy and enthralled with one another that they’ve even started influencing each other’s fashion choices.
Photographed earlier this year returning from a break in Mexico, the loved-up pair were decked out in co-ordinating designer jeans, a look that has long been Justin’s staple style choice. Jennifer, who has always been a fan of simple, casual dressing, has clearly taken his fashion cues to heart.
Jennifer Aniston wedding
The pair have form, having been snapped arriving at the airport in Los Angeles last year decked out in the outfits that seem to have become their trusty favourites: he in dark denim straight legs and a black leather biker jacket, she in indigo skinny jeans and a navy blue, nautically-inspired tailored jacket. This couple’s fashion uniform is a fabulous way to do ‘casual’ without looking dishevelled.
Many celebrities show a sharp difference between their red carpet looks and their downtime choices, often being photographed dashing to the shops wearing worn old t-shirts and tracksuits. American Pie actress Tara Reid recently showed us how not to do it when she landed at Los Angeles’ LAX airport. Wearing torn jeans and an overly-shiny puffer jacket, Tara looked perhaps a little bit too far on the casual side.
The difference between Jennifer and Justin’s polished looks and Tara’s style fail shows how differently a pair of jeans can work for you. Worn well, they can make you look the epitome of effortless casual chic; worn badly, they can make you look like you just don’t care.
There are masses of denim choices these days, and it can be more than a little bewildering finding a pair that will make you look a million dollars. The important thing is to spend time trying different styles to find the right fit – if you want to show off your curves, a high-waisted style is great for creating a retro look and a defined hourglass shape.
Alternatively, if you have a classically slim figure like Keira Knightley, you can’t go wrong with a pair of simple skinny jeans or perhaps a pair of turn-up boyfriend fit jeans on more relaxed days

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