Jennifer Aniston prefers doing yoga naked


Jennifer Aniston likes doing her yoga exercies,naked 100! What do you think about that?Would you like to join her and stay in the back!

Mike Walker from National Enquirer said:

Yoga fanatic Jennifer Aniston let out a horrified scream that echoed from BevHills to Bombay when a gang of gaping gardeners suddenly ambled past her wide-open bedroom windows and caught her stark naked in a revealing pretzel pose!…YEEEOW! “The Switch” star, never dreaming her lawn-keepers might switch their usual noon arrival time, arose bright and early to work her buff bod in the buff, said a source- even opening windows to the morning breeze. But just as she’d twisted her limbs up into one of yoga’s most physically-demanding poses, Jen suddenly spotted workmen staring wide-eyed as they walked past- and emitted a scream so frightening they ran and hid in the bushes. Distraught, she jumped up, threw on a robe, grabbed her phone and started shrieking at an assistant that gardening staff must NOT arrive early when she’s in town-so make damn sure it NEVER happens again! (Print Edition – 10/4).

I think that everyone has the right to choose his options and Jennifer chose well!May your exercises go well!

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