Jennifer Lawrence Gets Under PETA Skin

jennifer lawrence dislikes peta

PETA are angry at Jennifer Lawrence for her recent role in Winter’s Bone, a 2010 movie that got her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the twenty one year old Lawrence said the scene in which she was skinning a squirrel was not just acting, but very real. “It wasn’t for real, for PETA”. She first said. But the Jennifer Lawrence Screw PETA remark that came immediately after this is what got the animal rights group worked up.
The president of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk says killing wild animals doesn’t screw PETA but the animals. The actress is said to have spent some time in rural Missouri practicing chores like chopping wood and learnt how to shoot rifles in readiness for her role in Winter’s Bone. Beyond this, she certainly won’t be in PETA’s mailing list. In the same interview, she said after her next big flick she plans to buy a house, a big dog and a shotgun.

Even that her age is not really submitted,we must say that her vision is just like a futuristic architecture,and is something amazing.

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