2015 has been an absolutely amazing year for actress Jeniffer Lawrence. On top of being The Face of DIOR earlier in the year, she is now gracing the cover of the December 4 issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Magazine which has proudly named the ‘Entertainer of the year ’.This Kentucky native looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover wearing a black slip dress and stunning platinum blonde shade beach waves as she emanates a glowing natural allure under her sun kissed freckles. The title finds her at the prime of her career as she just finishes promoting the last chapter of her infamous film ‘Hunger games Mocking jay part 2’.Jennifer is also a big part of Xmen in which we anxiously wait for her character as Mystique in the opening of next summer. Jlaw is also starring on Joy, yet another David o. Russell film.


On her cover interview with Sara Vilkomerson, she talks about her relationship with director David o. Russell expressing her profound adoration of him. A teary Jlaw admits that she loves him so much that she sometimes cannot talk without tearing up. She even goes ahead to declare that they were made for each other as she understands his every look, eyeball move and every word he says or doesn’t say.

Jennifer also indulges us on her interest in directing. The 25 year old actress admits that she has wanted to direct for as long as she’s wanted to act and it is not just a cliché act for her. She also admits that it took a while for her to accept the end of the hunger games and let it sink in, but she is now ready to move on. She is now also involved in collaborative writing with Schumer describing the experience as ‘most fun thing ever’ and admitting that all she does is laugh.

Jennifer is definitely a fearless force to reckon with that keeps us on our toes anticipating her next move.

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