Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue December 2015

The release of Winter’s Bone five years ago was definitely one of Jennifer Lawrence’s highlights and since then, she has only been climbing up the success ladder. The 25-year-old actress has already established a foot-hold in the acting career and her starring the X-Men and The Hunger Games is a clear testament to this. In her appearance on the December 2015 issue of Vogue, she speaks candidly about her adventurous life in a placid way. She does not mince words when she confesses about her desire to settle in marriage as well as insights about her daily life as an American idol. Here are some insights we gather from this American darling:


Dating is indeed a hard nut to crack for her. J-Law asserts “No one ever asks me out”, “I am lonely every Saturday night”. However, this does not imply that she has called it quits. “I can’t wait to get married”, she says.

She follows politics. She makes clear of her awareness of being a Republican right from the time she was growing up. She is not a fan of Donald Trump though. She also seems quite outspoken on gay rights, referring particularly to the story of Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who went behind bars for her refusal to marriage license to a gay couple. “I don’t want to stay quiet about that”, she avers.

She’s not afraid of speaking out her mind. This comes out clearly in her reference to her open letter on Lenny,a feminist newsletter, where she decries gender inequality at Hollywood. Her essay attracted huge support though mixed reactions occupied the front seat.

She has Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis as her neighbors. It’s quite clear that with fame comes opulence and Jennifer Lawrence is no exception. She recently bought an $8 million dollar bungalow in a gated community in Beverly Hills and she will be settling there soon, with Mila and Ashton as close neighbors.

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