Jennifer Lawrence Sets Records

Jennifer Lawrence sets records

There have been so many fight-to-the-death movies that you lose count. We enjoyed classics like “Mortal Kombat” to more recent ones like Steve Austin’s “The Condemned”. But these type of movie appeals to those of us who enjoy all out action with everything on the line. That means that almost every year, we will have a blockbuster film that has such a storyline. This year, we already have one. Hunger Games starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth is a great movie, setting the box office debut record.
While the basic action line is the same where characters have to fight for survival, Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games acting is topnotch. Having a girl starring in such a flick brought out the best in her. In the film, she brings out her presence and carries it through with a compelling performance.

In an interview, she sets the record straight by saying she is a down to earth person in real life and this character was highly useful in Hunger Games.

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