Jennifer Lawrence’s Stalker Arrested

Jennifer Lawrence has alleged stalker will remain in custody until his trial starts. The United State magistrate Dave Whalin, made the decision after a two hour long hearing in Kentucky, Wednesday 18/09/2013. Han Cong Zhao, 23years of age who was arrested in April is suspected of harassing the Oscar-winning actress’s brother Blaine Lawrence over more than 200 phone calls, emails, and SMS.

jennifer lawrence miss dior

Han claimed to be Jennifer’s husband for life. Jenifer’s family fears for their safety upon the release of have because they believe that he is a dangerous criminal. There is also speculation stating that if Han was released on bail there is a big chance that he will evade the court summons by fleeing to China.

Following the Huffington post, the judge stated that Mr. Zhao has never had any connections here and any other connections in Canada. There is substantial evidence pointing fingers and is believed to a danger to the family.

Mr. Zhao is expected to appear before the federal grand jury by mid October and is charged with stalking and consistent harassment though phone communication. The defendant is supposed to have used computer software enabling him to hide his real identity but latter he went to the actress hometown and gave his real name.

Agent Nicholas Zarro a special FBI agent stated that the texts messages consisted of threatening messages others referring to the Bible threatening the star family members.

Jennifer’s family is reportedly very worried when Mr. Zhao stated that bad things would happen to the family and even though he would not kill anyone hell was going to break loose. There is a lot of tension in the family because they also believe the Mr. Zhao was capable of doing the evil deed he threatened to do. They also believe that the defendant should not be released on bail since he can do the evil deeds then escape and go to his hometown China.

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