Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Jennifer Ann "Jenny" McCarthy (born November 1, 1972) is an American model, comedian, actress, author and activist. She first appeared in Playboy magazine in October 1993 and was named Playmate of the Year in its June 1994 issue. She later began a career in television and film and has recently started writing books.

Modeling and acting career

After getting accepted by Playboy in 1993, the magazine wanted her to pose for the October issue. McCarthy was paid $30,000 for the photo shoot. McCarthy became the Playmate of the Month and later the Playmate of the Year. In 1994, thanks to this newfound attention and popularity, McCarthy moved to Los Angeles and, for a time, hosted Hot Rocks, a Playboy TV show featuring uncensored music videos.

Other interests

McCarthy began her writing career in 1997 with her first book, Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy‘s Open Book, an autobiography.

In recent years, McCarthy has written a successful series of four books about her experiences with pregnancy and raising her son, Evan.

    * Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth (ISBN 978-0-7382-0949-4)
    * Baby Laughs: The Naked Truth about the First Year of Mommyhood (ISBN 978-0-525-94883-4)
    * Life Laughs: The Naked Truth about Motherhood, Marriage, and Moving On (ISBN 978-0-525-94947-3)
    * Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism (ISBN 978-0-525-95011-0)

McCarthy is also an occasional columnist for FHM magazine and has also recently appeared in a commercial for Weight Watchers after successfully losing and maintaining her post-pregnancy weight by following the program. She is also working with Talk About Curing Autism Now (TACA).

Appearances in Playboy special editions

    * Playboy’s Playmate Review Vol. 10 May 1994 – front & back covers, pages 82-91.
    * Playboy’s Girls of Summer ’94 June 1994.
    * Playboy’s Book of Lingerie Vol. 38 July 1994.
    * Playboy’s Playmates at Play July 1994 – pages 6-7.
    * Playboy’s Book of Lingerie Vol. 39 September 1994 – page 25.
    * Playboy’s Wet & Wild Playmates September 1994 – page 73.
    * Playboy’s Book of Lingerie Vol. 40 November 1994.
    * Playboy’s Nudes November 1994 – cover.
    * Playboy’s Playmates in Bed Vol. 1 January 1995.
    * Playboy’s Supermodels February 1995.
    * Playboy’s Book of Lingerie Vol. 44 July 1995 – cover.
    * Playboy’s Nudes October 1995.
    * Playboy’s Winter Girls February 1996.
    * Playboy’s Celebrating Centerfolds Vol. 1 December 1998 – pages 6-7.

Year     Title     Role
1995     Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead     Blonde Nurse
1996     The Stupids     Glamorous Actress
1998     BASEketball     Yvette Denslow
1999     Diamonds     Sugar
2000     Scream 3     Sarah Darling
Python (TV)     Francesca Garibaldi
2001     Thank Heaven     Julia
2002     Crazy Little Thing     Whitney Ann Barnsley
2003     Scary Movie 3     Kate
2005     Dirty Love     Rebecca Sommers
2006     Lingerie Bowl (TV)     
John Tucker Must Die     Lori
Santa Baby (TV)     Mary Class
2007     Weiners     Ms. Isaac
2008     Witless Protection     Connie
2008     Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3     Agent Tanya

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