Jessica Szohr smokin’ hot!


Jessica Szohr,known as Vanessa Abrams from your favorite tv serial “Gossip Girl” was spotted at “The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion” wearing an amazing dress.When I look at her I remember watching “Xena:The Warrior Princess”,her suit can be assigned to her’s.Vanessa’s role in the serial it’s a positive one,she is a friend,a girlfriend and the list can go on…

Concerning her real life she has a boyfriend which is paradoxical the same man who plays in the movie Ed Westwick alias Chuch Bass.Chuck Bass is a character that plays a positive and negative role in the same time because he likes to play with people and use them in every circumstances.He likes Leighton Meester but doesn’t want to admit that because he wants people to get humiliated.

Ed and Jessica seem to be two good persons that have a normal relationship based on love but we don’t know if they have other interests upon that.Nowadays you need to be rich so you can have even a normal girl,ain’t like that?


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