Jewelry Envy of the Stars

A little jewelry envy can give you a decided edge when you decide to take your wow-factor to the next level. While it’s clear the stars have always known how to look ultra-chic, the latest celebrity styles are especially bold and exciting. From last year’s revamped statement jewelry, to this year’s super-cool emerald and gold designer collections, there’s just so much to love. Moreover, the following trends are hotter than ever!

Emerald, Gold and Diamond Jewelry

Spectacular emerald and diamond jewelry revives a look made popular by Elizabeth Taylor decades ago. Recently, Mila Kunis stunned the fashion world with emerald jewelry, much like the designs found at Michael Hill Jewellers. Similar settings and jewel-cuts will place you apart from any crowd. Created in emerald, gold, and real diamonds, this jewelry is in a class by itself. Drop-earrings, emerald and diamond pendants and rings, these stunning pieces feature dazzling dark-green gems, placed in gold and white gold settings, each rimmed with exquisite diamonds.

emerald jewelry

Statement Chains and Bib Necklaces

The statement chains worn by Lily Collins and the gorgeous bib necklaces worn by stars such as Olivia Palermo exalt any look… whether it’s an evening gown or Sarah Jessica Parker’s sleeveless silk shift… these daring pieces define a sense of absolute confidence. Solid chains, gold accessories, glass beads and silver, there are countless ways to wear the sensational, must-have fashion trends. Statement necklaces, bibs, collars, and chains are all about celebrity style.

Personalized Rings and Nameplate Necklaces

Declarations of love, monogrammed bracelets and necklaces are trending with the celebs. In 2013, Jennifer Lopez helped restore their popularity with designs brought down by Alber Ebaz in his fall and winter collection. These expressions of love and friendship have been recently restyled into delicate monograms and circular dog tags. Whether it’s a personalized ring, a gold-bar chain, an initial necklace or a gold plated pendant, hand stamped and engraved trends are each distinctly one-of-a-kind.

Bracelet Rings and Chains

The Boho look makes almost everything possible. Trending now, Bohemian bracelets, cuffs and harnesses, in assorted gold and silver chains, are worn on the wrists, arms and ankles of stars like Rihanna and Rashida Jones. Rings are joined with bracelets and combined into one. Worn alone, or adorned with a variety of colorful and exciting embellishments, ring-bracelet combinations are some of the most exciting fashions to be resurrected from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Stud Statements

Last, but definitely not least, are statement studs. They seem to punctuate any every look. Cate Blanchett exemplifies that this jewelry trend looks terrific! Her clustered earring-studs have wooed fans of all ages, simply because the floral groupings are elegant and classy.

The sensational jewelry that the stars are wearing will always set fashion trends. While it’s difficult not to envy their gorgeous jewels, recreating them is easy and fun. The next time you’re checking out the latest red carpet signature-styles, take an extra moment to imagine how beautiful these big, bold, and personalized pieces will look on you!

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