Jim Carrey And Ewan McGregor french kiss

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor were spotted during a french kiss,reason of the promotion Chevalier Des Arts Et Des Lettres by the Minister Culture Frederic Mitterrand at the Ministry of Culture in Paris.I hope they went after this moment to continue in the dorm,maybe!Celebrities are surprising us day by day!

Jim Carrey said:

“I am especially proud that I am both an American and Canadian citizen, my roots are French,”

Ewan McGregor said:

“Receiving this distinction in France, the land of my summer holidays when I was a kid, where I met my wife (Eve Mavrakis) and the region of Franche-Comte, fills my heart with joy.”

Well,in the end I would like to wish them a very "strong" relationship and more french kisses for the future,why not!



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