Jim Carrey Turns Writer with His Debut Book, “How Roland Rolls”

Jim Carrey writes kids’ book called How Roland Rolls, which means that his resume will feature “author” as an added skill. The comedian as well as actor wrote this book recently and it is up for sale from Tuesday, 24 September this year. The book features two line rhymes, illustrated pages and huge face of the hero, the wave on the cover page. However, the title seems a bit heavy.

jim carrey launches children book
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It is an inspirational story that will help your child to develop better. News sources reveal that this book is about Roland, a wave who is very afraid about hitting the shore as he thinks his life would be over after that. However, as things get deeper, he realizes that he is not a single wave but is a huge ocean! The interconnected nature of humanity is well explained using the metaphor of an ocean wave.Jim Carrey says that he picked up experiences from his childhood days to form the story of his book. He revealed that when he was small child, his parents had the habit of smoking.

Jim always had the fear that his parents would die and that he would be afraid of thinking about the consequences and about him. He also added that the fear of loss is a common thing among kids to fear about something that they are not certain. He also added that when people begin to look beneath the surface of few things then they would realize that all their activities are interlinked with each other. This will then gradually slow down the fear of loss. Then as times go, it disappears completely, as it did for him. This book will also be made available as an e book from November with fold out pages, graphic fonts and audio narration by Jim Carrey.

Perseus Books has printed his book whereas all the illustrations are done by Rob Nason, whose works are popular in Anesthesia and Thumbelina.

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