Joe Jonas in Details Magazine April 2011 Issue

Joe Jonas

Check out Joe Jonas on the cover of Details Magazine April 2011 Issue.

On going solo: “I’m growing up, the fans are growing up.  I’ve gone through a lot of stuff in my life so far.  There are stories I haven’t really been able to tell. When you’re writing with three people, you wind up with a sound that might ‹not be average ‹but, you know, expected.”

On his new music: “I wanted to do something you could hear in a club or something you could dance to, something’s that’s fun, ‹something that’s me.  I think all artists have a right to write about what happens to them.”

On his album: “There will be songs about different love scenarios that I’ve been through, breakups, hurts. Me hurting somebody and feeling bad about it.  I think there’s a lot of scenarios where people might wanna hear my side of the story.”

On his relationship with Ashley: “It feels good.  I think what works about it is she really puts my feelings first.  She understands my busy schedule. She’ll fly out to my shows.  She’s been to places in South America that I can’t even pronounce.”

On touring with the band: “We’ve seen every state in America besides Alaska and Hawaii, been all over Europe.  Sure, there have been times when it’s gotten a little weird, rocking out for little girls.  We did some things that were like, ŒReally?, We’re gonna do this? Like, go and play for an elementary school, are you serious? At the time I was like 17, I wanna go meet girls at high schools. And now I’m 21.  I wanna go play my music in a club.”

On Danielle Deleasa, Kevin’s wife: “Actually, I hit on her first. And after that she and Kevin hit it off, of course.  Now we have a fourth person traveling with us everywhere, so that’s a different thing completely.”

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