Joe Simpson’s DUI Charges

Joe Simpson recent DUI charge might just land him in jail. The father to the famous singer Jessica Simpson could be facing possible jail time as a result of his DUI arrest earlier in the month. The famous stars’ father was pulled over on August 4 on suspicion of driving under the influence, and has actually been charged with two misdemeanor counts.

Joe Simpson was pulled over in Oaks, California under suspicion on DUI, leading to an arrest by officers, but was later released. The reports were confirmed by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, and everyone is waiting if the famous father will have to spend time in jail.

joe simpson dui charges

 After his arrest on suspicion of DUI, Joe Simpson might have to face a maximum jail time of six years if he is convicted of the charges. Other consequences include a $1,000 fine in addition to facing probation for 36 months.
The two misdemeanor counts that he has been charged with include diving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 (or above) as well as a driving under the influence charge. It is not clear what the penalty will be as of now, although there is a possibility of him having to serve jail time for a period not exceeding 6 months.

According to reports, Joe Simpson was pulled over on august 4 under the suspicion of drunk driving, and spent the night in jail and was released the following day. It is reported that he did not have to post bail to secure his release.
His court case is scheduled on August 30 where the fate of the 54 year old will be decided. The incident caused a stir in the family’s affairs, with photos of his mug-shot being posted all over the internet. Jessica Simpson has not yet gone on record to comment on the incident, and it is a waiting game as of now to see how things will put out for Joe Simpson.

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