Johnny Depp

Date of Birth
9 June 1963, Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Birth Name
John Christopher Depp II

Mr. Stench

5′ 10˝” (1.79 m)

Mini Biography

Johnny Depp was born John Christopher Depp II on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky. Johnny goes by the nicknames “Mr. Stench” (self-chosen) and “Colonel”, given to him by Hunter Thompson.

Johnny dropped out of school at age 15 in hopes of becoming a rock musician. He has maintained a love for music ever since, his musical career consisting of a series of garage bands, including a band named “The Kids” who once opened for Iggy Pop. Depp currently plays in a band called “P.”. He was featured on a rock album from British band, Oasis, where he plays lead slide-guitar on the track “Fade In-Out.” Johnny also appeared in Tom Petty’s 1991 music video, “Into The Great Wide Open.” Recently Depp wrote his own theme music for the soundtrack CD of ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO (2003); Sands (#9).

Before his superstar status, Depp worked as a ballpoint pen salesman to support himself and his first wife, Lori Anne Allison. For many years now, however, Johnny has been invovled with model Vanessa Paradis. They currently have two children whom Johnny named after the main characters of the 1985 film LEGEND, Lily and Jack, born 1999 and 2002.

In 1984 Johnny Depp made his film debut with the film classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. By 1987 however, Depp was a household name with his performances in the 1987 TV series “21 Jump Street”.

After the filming of 1999’s SLEEPY HOLLOW, Johnny Depp adopted his horse, Goldeneye, that starred as Ichabod Crane’s steed, so as to save him from the ill-fated glue factory.

Johnny Depp has starred in several of Tim Burton movies including EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (1990) in which Depp starred as a tragic anti-hero. His performance as such penned Depp as a somewhat gothically idiosyncratic performer and has since then been apporpriately cast in a multitude of unconventional roles

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