Josh and Fergie expecting a baby

Congratulations are in order for Fergie and Josh, a it seems that Fergie finally got the “lovely lady hump” she so much craved for. All this was made evident when she announced on twitter that they are expecting a baby. Fergie who is married to actor Josh Duhamel, tweeted that she would be showing pics of her baby bump quite soon.

josh duhamel fergie

While Josh might have already expressed his doubts for Fergie’s maternal skills when he said that she is only good with older kids, we only have time to prove him wrong. Well, we’ve all known her as crazy and a bit edgy, can’t wait to see the sweet side of her.

Earlier this week, Fergie posted pics of her and her hubby as tots on her twitter timeline announcing that the expected baby would make three of them, aaaw…how cute, right. All in all, as Josh and Fergie take their virgin steps down the path of parenthood, we only wish them the very best.

Photo credit : Yahoo

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